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Dr. Comfort Compression Stockings

DRC_stck_logo-300x140Dr. Comfort’s Shape-to-Fit Compression Wear combines function, fashion and comfort – for preventative, medially correct support that’s attractive too. These support stockings are not like others that you may have worn as the compression is graduated at the top to make them easier to get on and more comfortable to wear, but yet still a high quality compression stockings that will give you results that meet or exceed other compression stockings.

Our Medical professionals have designed a full line of compression wear for men and women. Our Socks, hosiery and specialty medical products make it easier to do what’s best for your health and wellness.

Feel the Dr. Comfort difference!

Compression Stockings - Bloomsburg Medicine Shoppe
Easy-on graduated compression and our signature non-binding comfort band provide superior, non-slip support. 100% latex free materials give our socks, hosiery and specialty medical products a soft, smooth feel. Seamless socks and smooth seam hosiery with fresh weave odor control make our compression wear the ideal choice for people with foot health considerations.

Improve your circulation and increase your confidence with compression wear products that make a difference in people’s lives every day.

Choose The Compression and Fabric that is Right for You!

There are different levels of compression in our hosiery which enable you to get the support that you need to help you with your specific foot health needs. Click here on our Compression Description Chart to get further information about our compression levels.