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Bloomsberg The Medicine Shoppe now carries a wide range of medical equipment by Stander.

Do you or a loved one need help getting around with day to day tasks?

Stander products are here! These products are meant to specifically help your loved one around the house. There doesn’t have to be worrying all day anymore wondering when that phone call will happen that a loved one has fallen. Whether you or your loved one needs help getting in and out of the shower or up off the couch Stander is the product for you.

Bloomsberg The Medicine Shoppe offers

– Assist A Tray
– EZ Adjust Bed Rail
– EZ Stand N Go
– Fold N Go Walker
– Metro Car Handle
– Security Pole & Grab Bar
– Stander Bed Cane

The Stander products are very easy to assemble and put in the correct place. They are not bulky or obnoxious making it as if it is not even there.

Bloomsberg The Medicine Shoppe is here to help you with your everyday needs.