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Synchronize Your Prescriptions

Synchronize Your Prescriptions - Bloomsburg Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

Do you have to make many trips to your pharmacy each month to get all of your medications? We can synchronize your prescriptions and you can get all of your medications once each month with our FREE Time My Meds Program! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • Too many trips to your current pharmacy each month?
  • Forgetting to call in your refills, only to wait over 30 minutes then to get them after you arrive?
  • Missed getting a new Rx from your doctor after you picked up your last refill?

Then our Time My Meds program can eliminate all of these problems for you. Allow The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy to “Synchronize Your Prescriptions and Simplify Your Life”! Call or stop in today to get signed up as we will do all of the work to transfer your Rxs from your current pharmacy. No more hassles and taking your medications will become even less of a hassle on our Time My Meds program!



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