COVID-19 Policies

We will be administering the COVID-19 Vaccinations here at The Medicine Shoppe. Please click the link below for all of the information and to register for the vaccination.

COVID-19 Policies

Here at The Bloomsburg Medicine Shoppe we are instituting policies to both help in keeping our patients safe as well as our staff safe, as we have many patients that depend on us providing their daily medications for living a continued healthy life in our Script-Ease® division.

If any customer is feeling sick, we will make arrangements to deliver or mail your package, we don’t want you to come to us so please discuss this with the technician.

Changes that may effect customers

  • ALL E.D. Rxs can be MAILED FREE of CHARGE (always FREE).

  • Unless critical to get started immediately, ALL COMPOUNDS can be MAILED to the customer – FREE OF CHARGE.

  • If you do need to come into the store, please be respectful of the others that may be in the store or are working in the store and maintain a safe social distance from them as recommended by the local authorities.

  • Please be assured that we are also making changes to the way our staff operates to insure that we are keeping our patients safety top of mind. Currently there are no medication shortages so you don’t need to worry about getting everything now and we don’t anticipate any large issues. We are taking pre-cautionary steps to insure staff safety as we need to be here every day to take care of our patients. We will be delivering as usual with some customers moved to mail to insure maximum safety of our customers and associates.


    Please understand that we have instructed delivery associates to not step into a customers home, so while we understand that in the cold it is easier to invite us in they will politely decline until this subsides.

    COVID-19 Policies